Elementary School Evacuated

Elementary School Evacuated
By: Erica Byfield
Paducah, KY - The smell of smoke at a Paducah elementary school shut down classes early Thursday. At around 9:30 in the morning a few teachers at Clark Elementary noticed something in the air, and pulled the fire alarm.
"It was simply a bearing in the boiler room and it made one of the electric motors labor a little and there for that smell began to come up into the rooms," said Paducah City Schools Superintendent Dr. Randy Green.

So, teachers and staff ushered the more than 500 elementary and Head Start students to Immanuel Baptist Church . School leaders call the church their “safe spot” and use it during most emergency drills.

Dr. Green adds, "There is no danger of any fire what so ever but there is still a lingering smell in the rooms so were going to go ahead and send the children home."

Two parents I talked to Thursday say they couldn't be happier about how smoothly the evacuation and notification process worked.

"The school did a wonderful job and they were safe mostly having a ball down in the gym at Immanuel," mentioned Jenny Bratten the mother of a kindergartener.

"I feel safe having my daughter here; I work for the school system so I know they'd take the proper precautions and procedures to keep the kids safe."

Students whose parents could not break away from their jobs to pick up their children were bused home. Teachers and staff accompanied the students on the buses and dropped them off door to door to make sure there was an adult home to care for them.

Dr. Green assures me classes will resume Monday morning, after maintenance crews rid the school of the smoke smell and repair the heating system.