Former Chaffee Clerk Faces Charges

Former Chaffee Clerk Faces Charges
By: Wes Wallace
CHAFFEE, MO -- It's a story involving missing money, a city clerk stepping down, and a city council conflict.
"It's very upsetting," says Chaffee Councilman Wayne Hampton, "No one asked us about this, and then they go and speak for us.  I just want people to know we weren't approached about the matter."
Hampton's referring to the recent controversy involving Robin Dannenmueller, the former municipal court clerk.   She admitted to taking a thousand dollars, replacing the money, and resigning.  On Monday, Dannenmueller was charged with stealing, according to the State of Missouri State Courts Administrator's website.
A few weeks ago, Mayor Bill Cannon told Heartland News he didn't know what happened to the money and it simply could have been missplaced.  Since the money was returned, the city council told the Missouri Highway Patrol to stop the investigation.  "I never heard anything about that," says Hampton," Everyone in Chaffee is a victim, and this isn't right.  Neither the mayor nor the city council has the right to say stop the investigation."
At Monday night's council meeting, nothing was mentioned about the criminal charegs filed against Dannenmueller.  In fact it was all routine business, until the council went into closed session.