Heartland Native Sheryl Crow Ends Engagement

Heartland Native Sheryl Crow Ends Engagement
By: Holly Brantley
Kennett, MO - As the old song goes - breaking up is hard to do. Even more so when you're in the public eye.
And right now, everyone is talking about the split between Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong. And, that’s especially true in Crow’s Bootheel hometown of Kennett.
Sheryl Crow seemed to finally find true happiness with Lance Armstrong. She cheered as he made racing history, called him the inspiration for her latest album, and then the pair announced their engagement in September. But, that all faded Friday when they announced their decision to split.
The news is still sinking in for people in Crow’s hometown of Kennett. “It’s not good, we hate it,” said Brian Mitchell. Mitchell took Cros to the high school prom. He says they remain close friends. “I've spoken to her over the weekend,” said Mitchell. “It’s affected her she’s not in a real good mood.”
Mitchell’s family donated the land for the Aquatic Center Crow funded. It’s one of the reasons why people in Kennett say Crow’s never forgotten her roots and they want her to know they have not forgotten her. “She knows we are here for her,” said Mitchell. “If Sheryl is anything she's as tough as any woman I've ever met.”
Others who knew Crow wonder what went wrong. Dana Coffer went to high school with the Grammy winner. “I just think it’s unfortunate,” said Coffer. “I really wanted her to be happy and maybe start a family and have kids of her own.”
Friends say the community is standing by Sheryl. “I don't know how any small town reacts to something like this,” said Mitchell. “She’s just Sheryl to us.”