Science Department Waits For Money

Science Department Waits For Money
By: Ryan Tate
POPLAR BLUFF, MO -- Almost two years after her death, Kay Porter is still a topic of conversation in Poplar Bluff, especially in the science department at the High School.
Porter, who died February 11th, 2004, left more $100,000 dollars for the science department, to build an Aquaponics Greenhouse. In simple terms, the greenhouse would be self-surviving, using fish as the trigger to begin a chain that would feed plants.
The money is still in the hands of the school district, but not the science department.
"There were some perceptions that the money would be used in some other capacity, but that has never been the case. The money will be used for those programs that has been our intent all along," Superintendent Randy Winston said. Winston believed the initial plans put for by the science department was to hasty, and asked for newer plans. Winston believes by the start of the next school year, plans will be in place for the new greenhouse.
"People in the public, including me, wish we could have had more flexibility in using it. But it was Mrs. Porter's money and we respect her wishes," Winston said.
"We will have the most envious greenhouse in Southeast Missouri," science teacher Jesse Gray said. "It will enable us to have more study space, botany classes, and set up a living system elementary schools can use," Gray said.
The initial donations for the aquaponics equipment was made by Poplar Bluff alumnus Clifton Boxx. Boxx showed Porter the aquaponics and Porter decided to make the donation.
Porter also donated $2.5-million for a drama auditorium, and nearly $1million for the Drama Department.