Happy Birthday Cape Girardeau

Happy Birthday Cape Girardeau
By:  Holly Brantely

Cape Girardeau, MO -- Cape Girardeau is celebrating it's Bicentennial with a year long birthday party.  The city marks it's start in 1806.

Friday's party began in a court room of the Common Pleas Court House. Reenactors celebrated the laying out of Cape Girardeau's streets and blocks, marking it's beginning.

City Public Information Manager, Tracey Glenn, says these events kick off a year's worth of activities simply to reflect on Cape Girardeau's history. "This even is not about bringing money," said Glenn. We just want people to understand what a rich histoyr we have in Cape." Glenn says there's no money in the City's budget for the Bicentennial Celebration and she says the funds are not necessary. "There are lots of htings we can do without spending a lot of taxpayer money to have a huge event. We're going to have a series of events throughout the year involving different organizations. Many of them already have events planned in our community. So we thought we'd take advantage of those events and ask people to incorporate something about the Bicentennial into their event," said Glenn.

If you want your organization to be part of the Bicentennial Celebration contact Tracey Glenn at 573-335-8556

You can also check out the calendar of events on Cape Girardeau's web site.