Hog Wild Catfish Dip Bait

Every fisherman dreams of hooking the big one. When it comes to catfish, one way to do that is with dip bait. And HogWild Dip Bait claims to be the best. So Amy Jacquin went fishing.

She asked Dan Foutz for help. Dan owns a fishing shop in Cape Girardeau, and is known in this area for his cat fishing abilities. They enjoy a beautiful, mild morning. But it's really rather futile for fishing. "Well, it's a day after a front," Dan explains. "Real high pressure. High blue sky. It's tough fishing."

Dip bait works by attracting fish through smell. And the stench radiates from the jar before the lid is even completely open. The makers of Hog Wild suggest using this tasty mixture on a sponge. Dan busily sets up a half-dozen fishing poles on a well-stocked pond. To see if fish really prefer Hog Wild, he also uses different baits, including Sonny's dip bait, and a dough bait.

"Bring a cooler," Dan suggests. "If the bait gets hot, it gets loose and doesn't want to stay on as good." Yes, Dan sells Hog Wild at his store. Is he pushing it? Not really. Dan usually uses Sonny's when he uses dip bait. "But I usually fish a lot of shad out in the river," he explains. "When it comes to dip baits, I used to think Sonny's was about the only one, until this week. I've been using Hog Wild, and it caught a lot of fish for me."

You wouldn't know that by this test. The fish just aren't biting. So Dan tries some of the other usually-hot spots around the pond. And finally he get a few bites, on both Hog Wild and Sonny's. But three fish all morning isn't a true test for Hog Wild dip bait. So he tried again that evening, when a low pressure system was moving it. This time, within minutes, Dan reels in three catfish. Again, it was split between Hog Wild and Sonny's. When a storm ended the trip, the day's total was three and three.

"The other day we were out at this pond for an hour and caught six catfish, five off of Hog Wild," Dan summarizes. "Compared to Sonny's... I caught an awful lot of fish off Sonny's too. Sonny's is a little stickier bait. I thought Hog Wild might come off the hook easier. I still don't like how it does on worms real well. But on that sponge, it stays in that real good. I think it's as good as any other baits out there. I give it an 'A' myself."

And so do we. There are so many variables in fishing, but we know Hog Wild Catfish Dip Bait works, and it aces our test. Hog Wild earns an 'A.'