KFVS12.COM -- One Year Old!

We're celebrating a birthday here in the KFVS-12 newsroom -- a first birthday -- and all of us feel like we're parenting a fast-growing child.   We mention our child several times in every newscast -- it's our website.  Now, one year old and still growing. In August 2000, Y2K was well behind us, and the Internet was booming.  As part of the RayCom family of stations, KFVS12 took a big swallow, a deep breath, and finally launched an ambitious new  offering:  KFVS12.com.  "We didn't add any staff, just worked a little harder," says Paul Keener, KFVS Marketing Director.  "It was all new stuff for a bunch of us old TV guys."  Much like the news you see on TV, the news you find online never stops.  We update the site morning, noon, and night  -- archiving the older stories, and constantly adding the new ones.  And one of our prime directives from the start was to make it interactive.  "We set out to make the site interactive...we used web polls, and asked people to feedback with e-mail," says Keener.  What we found out is:  KFVS fans like our e-mail and weather alerts a lot, too.  In fact, the weather content on our web site is jam-packed with what you need to know, because you've told us that's what you want.  Above all, we're just trying to keep up with all the possibilities of the web.  "We're just starting to understand the potential of the web for our clients, with new advertising and branding possibilities.  Businesspeople should consider this new medium seriously," adds Keener.  So on our first anniversary of the website, we salute you the viewers for helping us bring up our growing KFVS-12.com child!
     What's in the future for our web site?  We have hopes that we'll be able to do live streaming video of our newscasts sometime in the near future.  But we're still working on the technology.