City Leaders Host Town Meeting About Earthquakes

City Leaders Host Town Meeting About Earthquakes
By: Ryan Tate
Sikeston, MO - More than 75 people turned out for a town meeting in Sikeston, to talk about earthquakes. Since the natural disasters of 2005, including Katrina and Rita, emergency crews are concerned about the time it would take to get emergency help to the Heartland in the wake an earthquake.
"They always said you had to be prepared to be on your own for 72 hours. Now, with Hurricane Katrina, it's going to be longer than that," Tom Bridger said. Bridger is the Sikeston Emergency Management Coordinator. "I think it's going to be more like seven to ten days."
That has people like Allen Hinds worried. He works at the Bootheel Food Bank, which distributes four million pounds a year to sixteen counties in the Heartland.
"If the bridges go down, and the roads crumble to pieces, it might be a week [before rescue crews arrive], we might the only resource around," Hinds said.
That is the reason why emergency crews want people to be prepared in case a natural disaster, like an earthquake, hits the Heartland. Sikeston city leaders organized the town meeting with local emergency management leaders, and earthquake experts nationally and from the University of Memphis.
Bridger expects to have more earthquake meetings in Sikeston in future months.