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Hayti, MO

Schools In Trouble With the State

Schools In Trouble With the State

By: Ryan Tate

Hayti, MO - More than 100 parents and community members met in Hayti Heights Monday night to talk about their school district.

According to a spokesman with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, if the state reviewed the Hayti District right now, the district would fail its accreditation.

Accreditation is based on 12 factors of Academic Performance. One hundred is a perfect score. To get accreditation, a school needs to score at least a 66. To get provisional accreditation, 46 is the target. Hayti scores a 41. If the State Board of Education takes away an accreditation, the state could come in and take over the school, or parents can send their children to a nearby district, at the expense of their former district.

"I do not think the school district is letting us know what's going on," Frank Rose said. He has three children in the district.

Organizers hope the community meeting bring the parents closer to the district, to help the students improve.

"We hope to get the community to help our kids get all the education they need," Rose said.

"With enough concerned parents we can go to school board, and hopefully rally together and work with the school to get something done," Gynett Johnson said. She had three children graduate from the school district and still has one enrolled. "Our children are our future. We depend on them. If they go down, we go down."

The State Board of Education could re-evaluate the district this spring, or possibly this fall. A state spokesman says they put off the review so far this year so the district can get their numbers up.

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