Rowdy the Redhawk Turns One

Rowdy the Redhawk Turns One
By: Ryan Tate
Cape Girardeau, MO - The Southeast Missouri State University mascot turned one year old this week, and school leaders celebrated the event.
"Rowdy" the Redhawk became the symbol of SEMO in 2005, after the school dumped the "Indians" and "Otahkians" nickname. According to Sports Marketing Director Charles Wiles, one of the reason for the change was to give the University a symbol.
"It gave us the opportunity to market the University at games, but also in the public. We could send Rowdy to schools and businesses, and it gave us an image," Wiles said.
Two SEMO students perform as Rowdy at different events. Brooke Privett and John Bruff share duties as Rowdy. Privett was the first Rowdy, when the mascot made its debut in January of 2005.
"It's the best experience of my entire life, it's been wonderful," Privett said. "When I'm Rowdy, I'm not nervous. It helps when I play trumpet in performances, because I remember what it is like to be Rowdy, and I'm not nervous anymore."
The school held birthday celebrations for Rowdy at Thursday's games.