Ameren Begins to Clear-Up Water After Breach

Ameren Begins to Clear-Up Water After Breach
By: Ryan Tate
Lesterville, MO - Six weeks after the Taum Sauk Reservoir Breach sent more than one billion gallons of water cascading down Profitt Mountain, Ameren U.E. contractors began to clear up the murky mess.
The breach sent water from the upper reservoir to the lower reservoir, and along the way, picked up clay, dirt and debris. That is what clouds the lower reservoir and the Black River.
The contractors used a boat, with metal arms stretching out both sides, to put a combination of alum and sodium aluminate into the water. They suspect the chemicals will cause the sediment to settle to the bottom of the reservoir, and eventually they plan to clean it up at a later date.
They brought it nine tankers full of chemicals to use on Wednesday. Contractors suspect the chemical dispersal will take three days, and expect to see results within a day.
"I think they're doing all they can," Bob Franklin said. He owns "Franklin Floats," a company that rents canoes, rafts and campsites along the Black River. "It goes back to Mother Nature. I don't think Man can fix the error caused by the breach. So I'm taking the "wait and see" approach," Franklin said.
Officials with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources are overseeing the project.