Layoff Notices for Pinckneyville Workers

Layoff Notices for Pinckneyville Workers
By: Arnold Wyrick
On the heels of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich announcing his plans to create more jobs during his State of the State address, a Pinckneyville company is planning to layoff more than 220 workers.
"Right now I told everybody to keep their head up. We've all been through this before, not the young guys. But us older ones have been through this. We want to let them know it's not the end of the world," says Bill Rheinecker Business Agent for Service Employees International Union Local #1.
The announcement from the company comes in the wake of an ever changing industry according to Technicolor Universal's spokesperson, Keith Pillow.
"Technicolor is constantly reevaluating it's cost profile. And in an effort to reduce cost and to generate additional operating efficiencies across the organization, has resulted in a decision to move forward with the restructuring here in Pinckneyville," Pillow said.
But that restructuring is falling upon the back of the workers in the DVD packaging division of the facility.
"Once these affected employees receive their official notification their employment is going to end, they're going to be guaranteed 60 days of work," Pillow said.
That may sound comforting to some. But as Rheinecker points out these layoffs are going to effect families and the community.
"A lot of these are husband and wives that could lose their jobs. So it's a very disturbing time for a lot of people, and this area."
And Pillow says the layoffs will span all levels of employees.
"The affected employees include supervisors, operators, and technicians here. And next week we'll be meeting with union representatives to cover a wide variety of issues regarding the union workers. Those discussions will include severance packages, continued medical coverage, and job placement programs," Pillow said.
"We've got a contract, the union's contract is how the layoffs will be handled," Rheinecker said.