Attempted Abduction near School

Attempted Abduction near School
By: CJ Cassidy

Marion, IL - Police say the 12-year-old victim of an attempted abduction returned to school after his narrow escape Tuesday morning.

Investigators say they're looking for two men based on the description the child gave them.
The suspects were allegedly in a beat up two door red car, withFlorida tags.
Police acrossIllinois have been asked to keep an eye out for the vehicle and the suspects, but right nowMarion police are just glad the child got the help he needed and is safe.


e said a man in a car tried to grab him he kicked him and ran," DorisKieslingsays. She says she knew something was wrong when she saw a boy standing outside the handicapped entrance to her workplace, earlyTuesday.


nce he came inthe door, I asked if he was okay he said yes he was scared told me what happened. I grabbed a chair and a tissue and he said wanna call my grandma," Kiesling says.
She alsoimmediately called police.
Investigators say thechild was walking to school when a car approached him and the passenger jumped out and tried to abduct him.
Officers say the young victim did just the right thing.


e acted very bravely; he responded exactly as you'd tell children to do if someone approached you..Don't be coaxed into a vehicle don't approach vehicle
, get out of the situation as quickly as possible," Detective Tina Morrow with the Marion Police Department says.


his is every school person's nightmare.This is something we know happens from time to time but very scary," SchoolSuperintendentWardHudgens says. He says this is the first abduction attempt he's dealt with in four years.


e began to investigate the credibility of the incident regardless of whether or not it's a credible reporting. We teach it as a teachable moment at a time when we can remind parents and students to be careful on their way to and from school," Hudgens says.
In factDorisKiesling calls the incident a wake up call she won't forget anytime soon.


y son has a message on the machine to call as soon as he gets home," Kiesling says.
Other folks we spoke with inMarion say they too will talk to their children about what to do if they ever find themselves in the same situation.
Police also suggest telling youngsters to make a lot of noise if confronted, and attracting the attention of passersby.


arion police are looking for any information to help them identify the suspects in this attempted child abduction.
Here's some information that may help.
The boy saysthe passengerin the car was heavy set, about 6-feet tall, with shoulder-length braided hair, wearing aCardinals jacket.
You can call police at the number on your screen (618) 993-2124.