Water Problems to be Fixed

Water Problems to be Fixed
By: Holly Brantley
Brookport, IL - Everyday life is about to change for the people in Brookport. TheOhio River town almost ran dry when the water tower broke down several years ago. But water problems are nothing new in Brookport where residents complain of low water pressure, bad smelling water, and laundry that comes out yellow.
Right now, more than 2 million dollars in improvements are underway on Brookport’s water system.

“I think they are doing a good thing,” said Louise LaFont. Workers are installing pipes just outside her front door. “We need better water,” said Louise.

Louise hopes the new system will bring and end to water problems.

“I'm proud to go through this little mess that I'm going through to get better water. I hope it tastes better. And, I hope it doesn't make my clothes as yellow when I do the laundry,” said Louise.

Giant pieces of Brookport’s new water tower sit in the city park. The tower is going up in several weeks. But, before that happens, new pipes must be installed. Some of the old ones are more than one hundred years old.

New meters will mean residents can expect to see some changes in their water bills. Wayne Pruitt says some large families may have to pay higher bills. But he doesn't think it will be a burden for him.

“For a family with more people that takes more showers and stuff they probably will have higher bills,” Wayne said. “The average person can probably wash your car and stuff for about the same.”

In the meantime people are wondering what will happen to Brookport’s one hundred year old water tower.

Some in town say it has historic value.

“I heard it was gonna come down,” Wayne said.

“I think they're gonna leave it up as a keep sake aren't they?” Louise said. “That’s what I heard at the beauty shop.”