Heartland Campus Works on Diversity

Heartland Campus Works on Diversity
By: Ryan Tate
Southern Illinois University leaders want to make the Carbondale Campus more diverse. They say they have some programs to make it happen.
According to Chancellor Walter Wendler, the school set up the "Reflective Responsive University Initiative." Wendler says the goal of the program is to make the campus student body more reflective of the state's population. According to the Southern Illinois University-Carbondale web site, the African-American population on campus is about ten percent. According to the United States Census Bureau web site, the State of Illinois' African-American population is about 15 percent.
"I don't think ten percent is very good," Sophomore John Marvin said.
"I think it's pretty diverse compared to DuPage County where I came from," Freshman Mike Pettinger said.
Aneesa Lehman is a Carterville High School Senior. She chose S.I.U. for many reasons, but one of them was the diversity on campus.
"When I walk through here I see a lot of people from a lot of different places," Lehman said. "It is nice see that in a university."