Heartland Marine Killed in Iraq

Heartland Marine Killed in Iraq
By: Carley O'Keefe

Woodlawn, IL - Two families mourn the loss of a Heartland marine, killed in the line of duty in Iraq. Lance Corporal Jonathan Kyle Price of Woodlawn, died from injuries suffered while fighting in Ramadi, Iraq.

Family members say the 19-year-old marine committed his life to protecting his country, his community, and his family.

"We are very, very proud of our son," said Price's stepfather John Hunsell.

Family members say from an early age, Price had the needs of his country at heart.

"Kyle's passion was to be in one of the armed forces and when he got out he planned to be a federal marshal, and be married and have a family," said Hunsell.

Sunday Kyle's family held a picture of their marine with his fiancé Brea. The picture of the two, smiling--happily in love, was taken just after Kyle graduated from boot camp.

"When they were together, they both lit up," said Price's fiancé's father Robby Tate.

The couple planned to get married when Kyle returned from Iraq in February, just in time for their baby girl to be born in March.

"He couldn't wait to come home and see the baby, I loved him a lot," said Fiancé Brea Tate.

Kyle and Brea chose the name Madison for their unborn baby girl, and months before the due date they had already nick-named her Maddy.

"He loved Brea so much, and he loved Maddy so much, and he was just so looking forward to his future," said Price's mother Cheryl Price.

"When they got married it would have been a very healthy marriage I feel. With a lot of happiness. We knew how excited he was about the baby. I just wish he was going to be here to share in it," said Robby Tate.

The two families say they're proud of Kyle, not just for his heroic actions as a marine, but also as the man--who showed great promise as a soon-to-be father and husband.

"It's going to be a daily word around our house, "Kyle" because he would have been so involved and we're going to keep him that way," said Robby Tate.
As of Sunday, funeral arrangements were still pending for Lance Corporal Price.