Killshot: An Inside Look

Killshot: An Inside Look
By:  CJ Cassidy

Cape Girardeau, MO 0 -- "Killshot" continues to claim the attention of many star struck fans across the Heartland.
Thursday marked day four of filming in Cape Girardeau, and some of the scenes were shot outside a gas station on South Sprigg Street.
Director John Madden spoke with Heartland News about his decision to stay true to the book and come to shoot scenes in Cape Girardeau.
Madden's directed blockbuster hits like "Shakepeare in love."
Madden says he can't believe how easy folks have been to work with here, whether it's extras or production crews, and one such person chosen to play a small role, says he too is counting his lucky stars for this rare glimpse into hollywood.
"It's the highlight of my career, being here in this position," Sgt Jack Wimp said as he checked out the new look of his patrol car, as he prepared for his big scene Thursday.
"I'm going to be the Ohio State Trooper who's stopped a vehicle not sure if I'll issue a citation or if they will film me just stopping the vehicle in the patrol car," he says.
Either way, Sgt. Wimp's excited. After all his role didn't call for a lot of acting on his part.
"I'm a traffic Seargent, I stop vehicles!" he laughs.
Director John Madden stopped his share of traffic along Sprigg Street as he made sure cast and crew members paid attention to detail to film a scene outside a gas station.
In one scene the character played by Thomas Jane makes a call to his wife, and while that may sound simple the entire shoot took up to about three hours.
"There was a lot of pressure to film the whole of the film in Canada, where we were filming most of it and once I'd been here in Cape, I felt that there was no way you could replicate it, not just river but the whole atmosphere of the place," he says.
Madden says tax incentives for filmmakers in Missouri was an added bonus, not to mention the hospitality folks in the Heartland have to offer.
"I've rarely come across this level of cooperation and welcome anywhere. People on the East and West coasts are fed up with film crews," Wimp says.
Not folks here; Sgt. Jack Wimp says he's already called friends and family.
"I'm telling them I'm gonna be in a movie and when it comes out we'll have to go see it!" he says.
John Madden says the movie is expected to be released by late summer, possibly fall.
He also says there is a chance film crews could push to have a premier here in Cape, not the major premier of course, but a similar one, because of all the attention they've generated here.