Pink Slips for Maytag Workers

Pink Slips for Maytag Workers
By:  Arnold Wyrick 
Herrin, IL -- Getting a layoff notice isn't the way nearly a hundred workers at the Maytag plant in Herrin, Illinois planned to start their new year. But according to Maytag's spokesperson John Daggett that's exactly what's happening.
" We're no different then any other business. As our marketplace changes we have to make changes. And this realignment of employees is just part of what we're doing," Daggett said.
But, to area business owners like John Thornton, owner of Thornton's Market, says the layoffs will affect his business directly.
"It concerns anybody when we lose workers because we also lose the income. And it goes from every business, all the way down to buying a box of spaghetti. They have to adjust their buying," Thornton said.
More then a thousand workers are employed at the Herrin manufacturing facility. But at the end of January nearly a hundred of those workers will be out of work.
"Well economically it's not going to be good. Everybody is having to try to make ends meet and they're struggling. And I just don't know what's going to happen," says Crystal Wade of Herrin.
And Thornton isn't exactly sure what's going to happen either, even though he's seen a lot of workers come and go over the past 40 years he, and his family have been in business.
"We've been through layoffs and shutdowns before. I hope this is just a temporary deal, but it remains to be seen," Thornton said.
Meanwhile a $1.79 billion dollar buyout of Maytag by Whirlpool is awaiting approval from regulators in Washington DC.