Doe Run Keeps Contamination at its Glover Site

Doe Run Keeps Contamination at its Glover Site
By:  Ryan Tate
Glover, MO -- The Doe Run Company put more than 20,000 tons of lead-contaminated waste and 200 tons of contaminated soil at its plant in Glover. The plant closed back in 2003.
According to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Doe Run put the waste on the site last fall, after an receiving an emergency permit from the D.N.R. The waste comes from a site in Festus and a former railhead site in Middlebrook, which is just north Glover on the St. Francois and Iron County line.
According to Doe Run, the soil will cover slag piles and "act as a protective environmental cap, then be covered by topsoil at a later date."
The company is requesting final approval from the Environmental Protection Agency. Public comment on the plans are open until February 28th.
Most people who live near the plant were unaware of the plans. Most did not agree with it when they were told. But longtime Iron County resident Sue Kelley had a different opinion.
"I don't believe Doe Run would do anything wrong. And if the D.N.R. allows them to do it, then I know it can't be wrong," Kelley said.