Killshot Economic Impact

Killshot Economic Impact
By:   CJ Cassidy
Cape Girardeau, MO -- Folks across the Heartland say they're getting used to hobnobbing with Hollywood stars..
That as day three of filming got underway here in Cape Girardeau...
The set was closed again Wednesday, as filming continued at the dry docks.
Thomas Jane and Diane Lane were among the stars on the set, but some bad news for Johnny Knoxville fans. We understand Knoxville wrapped up his shoot and left town Tuesday night.
Cape Girardeau City leaders hope the movie will boost tourism, and bring folks here to see our rivertown for themselves.
In fact Mayor Jay Knudtson says the publicity Killshot is getting, far surpasses any marketing campaign the city itself could have launched and business owners say the money has already started trickling in.
"A lot of people don't even know the place exists and we've been here nine years going on ten, and it makes a big difference," Brenda Gleuck says.
She owns Brenda's Place in Cape Girardeau's noticed, just two days after film crews arrived in town to begin working on Killshot.
Of course a nice fat check adds to the allure.
"It'll be a whole day's income," Gleuck says.
That's for a scene crews plan on shooting here Saturday, between Mickey Rourke and Joseph Gordon Levitt, the actors who'll play the hit men in the movie.
"For some reason or other not able to shoot it in Toronto and Saturday wraps filming so easier to bring the two actors here than to take everyone to Canada," Jerry Jones with the Missouri Film Commission says.
All that work makes for a hungry cast and crew, and the catering contract went to Buckner Brewing Company.
"Generally when there's any catering, they do mention them in the credits of the movie so it'll be exciting when we see the movie our name will be there," Tammy Maddock, Event Coordinator at Buckner Brewing explains.
"People want to go to places these films are shot," Mayor Knudtson says, adding that the long term benefits of having a little bit of Hollywood in the Heartland, far outweigh the short term ones..
"It's been reported to me so far, they're safe in saying the actual economic benefit is around $1,000,000, and if you then multiply that, you're talking about a $ 5,000,000 economic benefit in money turning around in our community," Knudtson says.
Of course that includes the money film makers are spending while production is going on here in Cape.
And just to give you an example of how things could change, Jerry Jones tells me before the movie The Bridges of Madison County was shot in Iowa, the roads were only graded there once a year. Since then, the roads have had to have been graded up to four times a year, because of all the traffic pouring in.