Kennett Animal Shelter

Kennett Animal Shelter
By: CJ Cassidy

KENNETT, MO --Animal lovers in Kennett say the city's shelter's gone to the dogs, literally.  The shelter's been around for a long time, but animal control officers say it started falling apart about five years ago. 

Now, after months of complaints, and an article in the local newspaper, city leaders say they finally have an answer.
An anonymous donor donated almost $ 10,000 just this afternoon, and combined with money earmarked towards the shelter, city leaders say they may have enough to build a brand new shelter.
Animal lovers in Kennett say it's not a moment too soon. 
"It's frustrating if you love dogs like I do and care about our animals, but this is really getting bad," Animal Control Officer Darrell Roberts says.
A quick look around the Kennett Animal Shelter and it's easy to see why some people are upset.

"This last summer got so bad you couldn't breathe out here you couldn't stand the smell," Roberts says. He points to an overflowing septic tank as the cause of that smell, but it doesn't end there. "The whole back roof is caving in, it's so deteriorated. We can't keep the dogs in there," he explains.

There's more trouble on hand; evidence someone broke into the shelter overnight.  
"They cut the lock with a bolt cutter and looks like they stole the pit bull out," Roberts says.
Roberts and animal lovers like Lora Tate agree pit bulls often disappear from the shelter, taken by crooks they believe train the dogs to fight.
"If they have a shelter where they're protected and we can keep them we can find suitable homes for them and people can come out here to see animals pick one out to be a family pet," Tate says.
That's the hope the mysterious donor's given folks here in Kennett; that animals here will soon get a new "leash" on life.
"They deserve a lot better than this," Roberts says.
Roberts says the shelter usually houses up to twenty dogs and some cats as well, but right now, they can only keep about six dogs.
City leaders expect the new shelter to be built by Spring.

For information on how you can help, call Kennett City Hall at (573) 888-9001. You can also call the Kennett Police Department at (573) 888-4622.