Cairo CD Covers Good Times & Bad Times

Cairo CD Covers Good Times & Bad Times
By: Wes Wallace

CAIRO, IL --You may not hear the songs on commercial radio stations, but believe it or not, there's an entire record album full of tunes about Cairo.
"This town has a very compelling, deeply moving story," explains singer/songwriter Stace England, "There's just so much history here, from the two rivers and the thriving times of days gone by, to so much more."
Songs like "Ulysses S. Grant Slept Here" and "Jesse's Coming to Town" retell some of the major events through the town's troubled and trying past.
Although he's not a Cairo native, England is from Southern Illinois and says he was fascinated by the it ever since a trip there back in the 1970's.
"Somtimes you have to be outside some of the chaos that's taking place to really appreciate the beauty of the people, the stories, and everything that takes place here," explains England, who points to a recent interview by a Dutch journalist, "He flew all the way over here to just talk about the album and see Cairo.  He told me he thought it was wonderful that I could see the positive things in town, and that it's a very American way of looking at things."
The album chronologically covers the rich history of town, as well as the present.
"Can't We All Just Get Along" , the record's last track, parodies the current controversy with the city council members and the mayor.   England says it's a pretty unfortunate situation, and hopes the citizens of Cairo can move forward from the situation.
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