Cairo Meeting Ends With Fireworks

Cairo Meeting Ends With Fireworks
By: Ryan Tate

CAIRO, IL --The regularly scheduled Cairo City Council meeting began with a gavel falling, but that was the only thing normal about the meeting.
Four council members: Bobby Whitaker, Sandra Tarver, Linda Jackson, and Elbert "Bo" Purchase attended Tuesday night's meeting. This came two weeks after the four sent a letter stating they would not attend other regularly scheduled meetings until Mayor Paul Farris steps down.
City leaders followed the agenda set forth by the four council members. But as the meeting came to an end, the fireworks began. Council members and Farris could not decide if citizens were allowed to address the council. Then, as council members began leaving, the shouting began between Farris and some council leaders.
According council member Joey Thurston, the meeting did not accomplish much. The four council members who attended the meeting sent a letter to Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich asking to be "held free from any responsibility for numerous violations of state and federal laws."
The next council meeting is set for January 25th.