Jackson Kilt Controversy Comes to an End

Jackson Kilt Controversy Comes to and End
By: Ryan Tate

JACKSON, MO --It appears the kilt controversy in Jackson might be over. Monday night's school board meeting included a written apology from the school district towards Nathan Warmack, the senior who wore a kilt to a school dance last fall.
According to the statement, "the district.... including [High School Principal Rick] McClard, apologizes to Nathan for the fact that he was humiliated and not permitted to wear his kilt to the Silver Arrow Dance." Warmack was asked by McClard at that dance to leave, after Warmack showed up with his date.
"I'm surprised it came to this," Warmack said. "I still cannot see why I could not wear it."
"It is a victory," Terry Warmack said. Terry is Nathan's father. "This is all we were looking for. This situation is has brought us closer to our heritage."
School district representatives say they will look at the their dress code policy, and make sure everyone is clear about what it says and what it means. As part of the agreement between the two parties, the Warmack's agree not to file any charges against the school or members of it.
"I plan to wear the kilt to school functions," Warmack said. "But I won't wear it everyday. It's too cold."
The Warmack's collected more than 11,000 signatures from a petition backing their struggle. Their legal council came from North Carolina, and two people from Texas drove up to support the Warmacks.