Mysterious Smell in Perryville

Mysterious Smell in Perryville
By: CJ Cassidy
PERYVILLE, MO --A mysterious smell has some folks in Perryville worried. Residents say the chemical-like odor appears to be coming from a factory in the area.
There are at least two investigations underway to figure out what the odor is. One's being done by the Department of Natural Resources, the other by plant leaders at TG Missouri.
Still folks in Perryville say whatever it is, they just want it to go away.
"It just reeks around here and sometimes its unbearable," Rita Faughn says. She's lived with what she calls a rotten smell for years.
"I smell that all the time. A lot of times you can't go outside cos it stinks so dang bad," Faughn says.
Although no one knows exactly where the smell is coming from it does get stronger the closer you get to where the TG Missouri plant is located.
To give you an idea of what the smell is like, imagine inhaling fumes from a bottle of nail polish remover.
Folks in the area say that smell changes depending on the time of year and weather conditions.
"To me it smells kind of like a polyurethane like a chemical you would use on cars or nailpolish something like that," Faughn says.
"I think anytime you breathe something like that it can't be good. I'm getting a diluted mixture half a mile away from the plant you can imagine what people are smelling there day in and day out," Wayne Schindler says.
TG Missouri manufactures automotive parts. Executive Vice President Ron Lovett tells me health and safety experts are part of an internal investigation the company launched to get to the bottom of the mystery
Lovett says so far there's nothing to indicate the odor is coming from his plant.
But an environmental specialist with the Department of Natural Resources says he's found excessive concentration levels of a chemical odor.
"We have found odors in that area around TG Missouri and it does appear it's coming from their property it doesn't appear to be natural, it appears to be chemical," Todd Raney says.
He adds: "You don't know what you're dealing with so to err on the side of safety you don't want any prolonged exposure to it."
"I think they should bring the Environmental Protection Agency in on it, and really should get something done about it," Rita Faughn adds.
DNR says it is working as fast as it can, but it's investigation could take months, maybe even years.
Call the DNR at (573) 840-9750 if you have any complaints in connection with the odor problem.