1/4/06 - Cheese of the Month: Havarti

Cheese of the Month: Havarti

With the football season heating up, it's a great time to think about cheesy munchies for your get-togethers, and havarti is the cheese to pick up.

Havarti is a golden, creamy, mellow, semi-soft cheese with little tiny holes. Everybody loves its super creaminess that fills every bite.

Havarti is available in most supermarkets today, and it's more popular than ever. Havarti is never boring because of all the varieties it comes in, from plain to those flavored with pesto, jalapeño, dill, and even horseradish, chives, and crunchy mustard seeds.

We can find havarti in chunks and in wedges in the dairy case or, for slicing, at the deli counter. In its different forms and flavors, havarti is great for:

  • Sandwiches
  • Cheese boards
  • Cubed and passed as a simple hors d'oeuvre
  • Topping salads
  • Omelets and casseroles (because it melts so smoothly)
  • Melting atop French bread (under the broiler for just a few minutes)

Havarti can make any get-together into a party! It's an anytime, anyplace...