New Year Heartland Babies

New Year Heartland Babies
By: Holly Brantley
A set of Heartland parents celebrate the New Year. Greg and Michele Douglas of Mayfield welcomed not one, but two New Year’s babies Sunday.
The staff atWestern Baptist Hospital say they haven't seen twins born on New Years Day in nearly ten years.
Kassey Lynn and Callie Ann were born just sixty seconds apart.

“I had been up here for the last week,” said the twins mother, Michele Douglas. “I was just trying not to have the babies too early and on New Year’s they just decided they were coming.”

Baby Kassey came first at 4:51 a.m. and Callie followed at 4:52 a.m.

Greg and Michele say their double delight is the perfect start to the New Year.“Its the best start to the new year we've ever had,” said Greg Douglas, the proud father.

Now, the family is looking forward to twice the fun. Both Greg and Michele are avid hunters. They are already prepared if the girls shair their interest.
“My wife and I both deer hunt,” said Greg. “Hopefully these will follow in our footsteps because we've already got little camo outfits for them to wear.”

“I missed the entire season this year,” said Michele. “But they are worth it!”

Dad is already setting the ground rules for double dating. “My grother sent me an application to date my daughter,” said Greg. “It pretty well rejects any teenager that shows up.”

So, as the Douglas family starts off 2006 doubled in size, will they be working on new additions for 2007?“When they come a pair at a time it does not take long to get your quota,” said Greg. “I think if we can keep these that will be it. But, you never know.”

The Bluegrass state wasn't he only one with a New Year’s baby.

A Southern Illinois couple welcomed a new baby boy named Logan into their family shortly after noon on New Year’s Day.Baby Logan wasn't supposed to be born until later in the month. Right now, Mom and Dad are just glad he’s here.

“I'm sacred. I mean he’s my first,” said Mom, Christina Simmons. “But, I've been around my nieces and nephews a lot helping raise them.” Logan’s grandpa says one of the first things he’s buying his grandson is a fishing pole.
A Cape Girardeau family welcomed their New Year’s baby into the world. Amber and Tim Horrell welcomed Owen Bennett at 8:30 Sunday night.
Owen weighs in at ten pounds and five ounces.
Amber Horrell says her little one was a little overdue. This is the first child for the Cape couple.