Woman Severely Burned in Car Fire

Woman Severely Burned in Car Fire
By: Arnold Wyrick
Golconda, IL - This was a Christmas one Southern Illinois family won't soon forget. Their morning began when a call from neighbors told them to rush to their mother's home. When they arrived they found 68-year-old Murvin Foster of Golconda lying in a ditch near her home.
"She has 1st and 2nd degree burns down both arms and on her face. Her hair was singed. And because she was wearing nylon slacks, she has some third degree burns on her legs," says Debbie Wagner about her mother's injuries.
Wagner's mother was injured when her 2002 Kia Rio exploded in flames on Christmas morning as she was leaving her house.
"She wanted to go to church that morning. And she'd put her great granddaughters Christmas gifts in the car. And I guess she'd already grabbed her purse and everything. She told me she turned the car around, and it just burst into flames," said Wagner.
Now she's left to wonder what went wrong with the car she'd purchased for her mother just over a year ago.
"I can't understand why something like this would just happen out of the blue. I would think that the car would give some sort of warning or something. How could this happen to someone like mom who always treated everyone so nicely. I would like to know what happened," Wagner said.
Since the traumatic fire she's learned that there was a recall for the 2002 Kia Rio's for possible problems with their fuel delivery systems.
Meanwhile her mother is in guarded condition at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in Saint Louis.
We tried contacting Kia Motors of America, but they have not returned our phone calls. Heartland News did find a recall that was issued for 2002 Kia Rio's fuel systems for possible fires.
Unfortunately this isn't the first tragic fire the family has dealt with. Thirty years ago Debbie lost her father and two sisters in a house fire.