Cairo City Council Members Decide to Boycott

Cairo City Council Members Decide to Boycott
By: Ryan Tate
Cairo, IL - Four Cairo City Council members announced their plans to discontinue attending regularly scheduled meetings effective December 27th. Bobby Whitaker, Linda Jackson, Sandra Tarver and Elbert "Bo" Purchase believe Mayor Paul Farris "lacks leadership" and is "solely responsible for [Cairo's] financial nightmare." They believe the United States Justice Department and the Illinois Attorney General's Office needs to investigate their town.
Cairo has a six member city council. According to one Southern Illinois City Attorney contacted by Heartland News, without those members, it will be difficult to continue city business. According to Whitaker and Jackson, they believe Mayor Farris will continue business without them.
Heartland News tried to contact Mayor Farris for comment on this story, but he did not return calls.
According to one Cairo city employee, he believes the four council members should not be paid for their jobs. Whitaker says they get $600 a month.
"They need to get together instead of bickering and fighting, and try to pitch in together. It doesn't make any sense," Shelly Mallory of Cairo said.
"We're all in this together. There are some people who have not had that vision yet. We can all survive this thing together, or die together," Flora Chambliss said.