Wyatt Fire

Wyatt Fire
By:  Wes Wallace
Wyatt, MO -- There's never a good time for a house fire, but the week before Christmas just might be the worst time for one.   Just before eight o'clock Tuesday morning, Lawana Wiley got an unexpected wakeup call.
"Someone was just banging on the window, and was like, 'your house is on fire!'  So I wokeup and smelled smoke and got the kids out," says Wiley.
It's a combination of shock and sadness for Wiley and her family.  Even though everyone inside the house made it out safely, the fire spread so quickly, they didn't have time to take much as the escaped the flames.
"Everything is gone, we lost everything, everything we own.  All our Christmas, our coast, everything in that house is gone," explains Wiley.
When firefighters with the Wyatt Volunteer arrived on at the home, flames were shooting through the roof.  By the time the blaze was under control, it was too late. 
Fire Chief Richard Conn isn't sure how the fire started, "They were thinking it might be the wood burning stove, but we're not sure right now.  It was pretty extensive, it was remodeled with more floors and walls and such, by the time we got it out, it was pretty much gone."
If you'd like to make a donation to help the Wiley family, you can send it to the Wiley Fire Fund, in care of the Susannda Wesley Foundation, PO Box 249, East Prairie, Missouri, 63845.