Hoping For a Grant For Better Water

Hoping For a Grant For Better Water
By: Ryan Tate
Cardwell city leaders applied for a grant to help their water supply. Others in town hope it cleans up the water.
The grant call for more than $400,000 to be used to hook up fire hydrants to the city's water supply, remove lead-based paint from the water tower and repaint it, and move a water line from a potentially contaminated site and cap any water going to that site. The site is the old Brewer Brothers Bulk Petroleum Terminal. Mayor David Bishop says this grant is very important for his town.
"We need to get everything updated. Some of our equipment is more than 30 years old," Bishop said.
The Mayor declined to say if the grant is an answer to criticism that the water supply in Cardwell is contaminated. A recent Missouri Department of Resources investigation found "the extent of the petroleum hydrocarbon contamination is not fully delineated to the extent necessary to facilitate a complete and adequate risk assessment." In other words, if there is contamination, no one knows to what extent it could harm people.
"I think the state and city have been lacking any effort to secure Cardwell a good water system," Greg McGrew said. McGrew is a former city councilman and says the city water makes him and others sick. "[I will drink the water] whenever the grant is finished and the sampling they do establishes the fact the chlorine levels are good and there's no contamination," McGrew said.
D.N.R. officials say the grant could be reviewed within the next few months.