Car Crash Claims Life of Cape Teen

Car Crash Claims Life of Cape Teen
By: CJ Cassidy

Cape Girardeau, MO - New details on the car crash that claimed the life of a Cape Girardeau teenager.

Investigators say evidence found at Mount Auburn and Themis, indicate alcohol may have played a role in the crash.

The driver, 19-year old Eric Ryan Neighbors, died instantly.

Two passengers, 20-year-old Thomas Michael Conway and 19-year-old Michael Lee Willingham are still in critical condition.

Police say Neighbors was headed North on Mount Auburn, crossed the center line, overcorrected and lost control.

Police still don't know if speed played a role in the crash.

Police tell me they've had complaints from residents who live along Mount Auburn Road about drivers who speed through there, but not an unusually high number.

If you've never been on Mount Auburn before, it's a road that has a mix of homes and offices and ends up merging into the very heart of Cape Girardeau's business district.

That's why some residents say they aren't surprised this fatal crash happened so close to home.

"We were away got a phone call saying something was happening in our backyard," Barbara Kaesheimer says.

That "something" was the deadly crash, that claimed Neighbor's life.

The tragedy hits home hard for Kaesheimer. She didn't know the victims, but says she always worries about her children pulling out onto their busy road, especially because she says drivers rarely stick to the 35 mile an hour posted speed limit.

"I have a freshman in college and a senior in high school, and we had to teach them to be careful because they go so fast on road hill on the side come flying off the hill," Kaesheimer says.

A white cross marks the spot where this recent tragedy happened, but Kaesheimer's seen more accidents on Mount A
uburn, and she hasn't even lived here a year.

"I've seen here four accidents at this intersection," she says, adding that, "people need to slow down we need a light or a stop sign at the top of the hill."

So what can you do if you live along a busy road?

Police say often times they rely on you to give them information if you see people driving too fast, so don't hesitate to pickup the phone and call your local police department.

Authorities also ask you to slow down when you travel anywhere during the holidays because streets are a lot busier this time of year.