Last Minute Shopping

Last Minute Shopping
By: Holly Brantley

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO --You probably try to take a few minutes to relax on Sunday, watch football or attend church. But, as the countdown to Christmas winds down, lots of people were forced to hit the stores in search of last minute gifts.

Some people tell me they enjoy holiday shopping, but others could think of a few places they'd rather be.
One of those people is Brian Amos of Brookport. Brian and his family are toy shopping for their children.
Brian says he's not a big shopper and he's in for a long day.
"Basically this is my first year," Brian said. "I usually give them money and let them go buck wild but this year i decided to join the clan and run along behind em."
Most guys would probably say Sunday shopping isn't part of their normal routine. Brian agrees, he wanted to be somewhere else. "I would rather be at home watching football and basketball," said Brian.
Others are dreaming of a place away from the shopping madness.
Bridgett Biggs is a student at Southeast Missouri State University. "I'd probably rather be sleeping like the rest of us college kids," Bridgett said.
While shopping on sundays is unusual, Luann HIggins says her family enjoys buying last minute gifts.  "We have fun getting out this time of year and doing it," said said.
Misty Peterson's family stuck with the normal routine before heading to the stores.
"We've already been to church," Misty said. "That's usually what I do on Sundays. So, now we're out finishing christmas shopping."
Like many parents, Misty says it's easy to buy for her own children. But, it gets challenging to buy for others.
"When you get together for the holidays you have to do the return cycle. Because sometimes children end up getting something you already purchased at another party," Misty said.
Lots of people say it's been tough to buy for others this year because they don't even know what they want for themselves.
"I just want my kids to be happy," Brian Amos said. "That's basically it. I got everything I want."
For Brian, it sounds like his gifts on Christmas morning will be priceless.
Shoppers say they are just ready for Christmas morning to hurry up and get here so they can enjoy a little bit of their efforts.