Graduation Extra Special for Dexter Girl

Graduation Extra Special for Dexter Girl
By: Holly Brantley
CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO --A Dexter family says watching their daughter receive her diploma today was nothing short of a miracle.
That’s because Brooke Gill is lucky to be alive.
Brooke grinned from ear to ear throughout graduation ceremonies at Southeast Missouri State University.
To look at her, it’s hard to believe that Brooke spent two months in a coma after a car accident nearly took her life. Brooke was barley sixteen.
“I just missed this curve,” said Brooke. “The van I was driving turned upside down in the ditch. But, there were these guardian angels behind me.
Brooke’s Mother, Janice Gill explains, “A young couple was following her. They stopped and a lady crawled under the van to get to Brooke. Both of them stayed with Brooke, and called for help.”
Ever since that day, Brooke has been fighting her way back.
She was home-schooled her junior year of high school. But she returned to Dexter High School to Graduate with her class in 1998.
With the help of her segway, a two wheeled machine, Brooke has thrived in college.
“It was her strong ‘Gill Will’ that brough her around,” said Janice. “She has worked very hard.”
In fact, Brooke’s mother says she doesn’t let anything stand in her way. She’s even conquered the incline SEMO students know as ‘Cardiac Hill’.
“On the segway, I’d take it up Cardiac Hill and they’d be like, ‘Dang, look at that girl. She’s going up Cardiac Hill.’ Then they’d say, ’Just do not go down.’ But, I’d go down the hill and it would be all good,” Brooke said.
Brooke earned a degree in social work. Brooke says she wants to help others because she knows what its like to depend on people.
“I want to give back to the community because they’ve give so much to me,” said Brooke.
And with motivation like hers, graduation from college is another sign of many great things to come.     
The Gill’s have stayed in touch with the couple who helped Brooke the day of her accident.