Buy It & Burn It

Buy It & Burn It
By: Holly Brantley

STODDARD COUNTY, MO --Folks from Puxico and Dexter celebrate as a husband and wife take a big step…A leap of faith.   Sue Tinsley Robinson once owned the adult store, Erotic Temptations, in Dexter.  But, after a car accident threatened the life of the man who is now her husband, Sue and D.J. Robinson decided to turn their lives over to God.  To do that, Sue says she knew she had to rid herself of the adult business that was holding her back.

That’s where the idea for the ‘Buy it and Burn it Bonfire’ was born…and $6500 dollars in adult merchandise went up in smoke.
Sue and D.J. say now that the pornography and novelty items are destroyed, the burned of what was once Erotic Temptations will be lifted.
So, as the fire starts, The Robinsons know a chapter in their lives is coming to and end. They are standing firmly on new found faith.
“God’s taking care of us, you just have to give your troubles to him,” Sue said.
D.J. agrees, “You just have to have faith.”
Sue will send copies of her old business license into the flames. And she has special plans for the first dollar she made as the owner of Erotic Temptations.
“I’m giving it to the church. It’s God’s dollar now,” Sue said.
Pastor Marty Bryant says burning these items during the season that celebrates the birth of Christ makes the even more significant.”
“It’s Jesus’s birthday but we’re the ones getting all the presents,” said Bryant. “I’ve never seen anything like this in the past, but I hope I see it again.”
Bryant is asking the church to donate money in honor of the couple’s stand in faith. That way Sue can open a Christian Bookstore.
 “Why pass these things along,” said Sue. “It’s only $6500 dollars in merchandise. I’m so sorry that I ever did this. As long as my family’s taken care of nothing else matters.”
So far not enough money has come in to cover the loss of the adult inventory. But Sue and D.J. aren’t worried. They have faith that God will provide.
Sue’s new store, Heaven’s Grace, Bible, Bridal, and Lace, opened Saturday morning in Dexter.