Spreading Christmas Cheer Around the World

Spreading Christmas Cheer Around the World
By: Arnold Wyrick
Christopher, IL - With a gleam in his eye James Espy will tell that as a little boy he never imagined his love for the Christmas season would take him around the world.
"My family would probably tell you that they're not surprised, because as a child I always had a Christmas inspiration. I was always the one who wanted to put the tree up a month early. I wanted to go outside and hang the lights on the guttering," Espy said.
Seven years ago Espy brought his Christmas inspirations to Southern Illinois, and started The James Trogolo Company in Christopher, Illinois.
"The cost of doing business was much better for someone trying to start a new business. And there's a great work ethic here and a lot of good people," Espy said.
When it comes to creating the Christmas spirit, The Trogolo Company does it on a grandiose scale. Their smallest Christmas Ornament for their trees measures 8' in diameter. While it's a lot of work Espy says it's worth it in the end.
"You see that majestic 50' foot tree in the Atlanta Center, in Atlanta, and the huge reindeer with two to three thousand lights on each one of them. And you see the kids walking up wanting to touch the tree, and you hear the ohhs and ahhs all of a sudden the magic comes back," Espy said.
When asked what the future holds for the Christmas Season? Espy replied," Right now Christmas is traditional. And I think that's where it's been, and I think that's where it's going to stay. Reds Greens, and Gold the more realistic foliage. The tradition of Christmas is back and it's back strong. And that's a good thing."
You won't find many of the company's Christmas displays here in Southern Illinois. But as you travel around the country and abroad you're sure to see them in large shopping malls, casinos, and some municipalities this Christmas.