COPY-Morehouse - John Stepp (video)

John Stepp

Rank / Branch
Army / Major

Operation Iraqi Freedom, BIAP

Hometown of Wife:
Pam Stepp of Morehouse

Hometown News Service Greeting as running on-air:
"I’m Chaplin Major John Stepp with the 17th Field Artillary Briagrade stationed here in Bagdad, Iraq, were I serve as the Garrison Chaplain.  Happy holidays to my wife Pam, my in laws in Morehouse, Missouri, and my dad Jim Stepp, my step mom Anna from Bloomfield, Missorui and all my General Baptist friends in Southeast Missouri.  God Bless you all.  I’ll be home come September, 2006!"

A second video greeting was also supplied from the Military Digital Video And Imagry Distributrion web site (  It is not a format suitable for over-the-air broadcast but should play properly through your high-speed internet connection.