Hitting the Trail for a Good Cause

It's a hot outside, especially for exercising. So it must be a good cause that's making people in Jackson want to go outside for a walk. They're doing it for the American Cancer Society's Relay for life. This is only the second year for the event in Jackson. The Relay for Life always has a special meaning for cancer survivors. Just ask Dolores Bohnsack. She's the co-chair, and a two year survivor of breast cancer. "When you're first diagnosed with cancer it's like a death sentence, but no, it's not. You can live through it. More and more people everyday are being cured," Dolores says. The hope that more people can be cured is why these folks are getting ready. "It gives cancer survivors a chance to celebrate, that's what it is, a celebration," Dolores says. It's a celebration for people like Dolores Bohnsack. She found out she had breast cancer almost three years ago when she went in for her yearly mammogram. Dolores says, "Well it just hits you almost like its the end of the world, but it's not. You just pick up and do what you have to do. Co-chairing the relay is what Dolores wants to do. She wants to help organize a walk for people who have been affected by cancer. Eighteen teams of people will hit the trail in the Jackson City Park from 7 at night, to 7 in the morning. They're all walking to help find a cure.  But the people involved say it's more than just walking. It's a sign that there's always hope, and that everyone who gets cancer, can be a survivor. Dolores says, "If I can just give encouragement to someone else who has to face it, that's just what I want to do." If you can't make it out to the Jackson Relay for Life, Cape Girardeau's Relay for Life is next weekend, August 10-11 at Capaha Park. Folks in Jackson hope to raise 30-thousand dollars for cancer research this weekend. So far, they've raised about 25-thousand.