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Cape Girardeau, MO

SEMO Students Speak Out

SEMO Students Speak Out
By: CJ Cassidy

Cape Girardeau, MO - Disturbing allegations by a couple of Southeast Missouri State University students have police looking for answers.

The two sophomores say a weekend party ended in violence, after some other students ganged up on them.

Police haven't named any suspects yet, but admit they're investigation does involve students from the SEMO Campus.

Meanwhile the victims, who are now recovering in their Saint Louis homes tell me they know exactly who their attackers are.

"I had a hole in my mouth. I got stitches, they fractured my nose a bit and I got a black eye,"

Ransom Ward says. The 19-year-old claims he and his friend Shaun Johnson were attacked outside a fraternity lodge after a party, Saturday night.

"As soon as we walked outside I was blind sided, hit by one of those guys. The rest of the guys as a team ran up and jumped us," he says. When asked who he was referring to, Ward says: "The football team. A couple of guys from the football team ran up and jumped us. There were just two of us, and a whole bunch of them."

Speaking to me on the phone, Shaun Johnson backs up Ward's story. He claims he was kicked until he passed out and doctors had to wire his teeth back in place.

A University spokesman says administrators "are in a waiting pattern and add if anyone is charged with a felony they would be suspended."

Meanwhile Cape Girardeau police are still talking to witnesses, and say they allegations involving football players have been made to them.

"We have not justified that. We're still investigating that, we're not saying any of theses people are affiliated with any athletics at SEMO at all," Patrolman Jason Selzer says.

"They tried to intimidate people we're not intimidated by them," Ward claims, and adds " I hope justice is served."

Both Ransom Ward and Shaun Johnson say they're not sure at this time if they'll return to the SEMO campus next year.

We'll keep you updated on this story as we get more information.

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