Truckers Find More Hassle Than Help in Louisiana

Truckers Find More Hassle Than Help in Louisiana
By: Ryan Tate
Wayne County, MO - Some Heartland Truck drivers find things are not going well in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. But the people affected are them.
According to Wayne County truck driver Paul Landing, there is very little being done in terms of hauling away debris in the New Orleans area. Landing modified one of his dump trucks to make sure the vehicle matched the requirements set forth to work down there. Landing says the modifications cost more than $4,000.
"But when I went down there, I didn't do anything. I just sat there," Landing said. "There were lines of trucks, and no one would do anything. Sometimes we would haul one load a day, sometimes four or five, but not enough to make it worth it," Landing said.
Paul Landing, Jr., remains in Louisiana with his father's truck, hoping to find work to help offset the company's costs.
According to a trucking company in Poplar Bluff, it found similar troubles when contracted to work in Louisiana. But a company spokesperson tells Heartland News they got some of their costs back when they found jobs in the private sector down there.