Metal Market on the Rise

Metal Market on the Rise
By: Ryan Tate
Stolen airplane parts highlights the current rising cost of metals, and what people will do to cash in.
Jim Krepps owns Malden Ag-Craft incorporated, a company that renovates planes for training use. He says some people broke into a storage facility and stole steel and aluminum plane parts, then turned around and sold them to salvage yards in the Heartland.
"It's a big deal. I don't have insurance on it, because I can't afford it," Krepps said. "It's very disheartening. Now I have to go back and replace it."
According to Dunklin County Sheriff Bob Holder, a pair of people stole copper from farm equipment used for irrigation about a month ago. Police arrested the pair. According to Sharon Wilson, owner of Wilson Recycling and Salvage in Kennett, the price of copper is higher that she has ever seen it. She began working in the salvage and recycling business forty years ago with her husband.
"Normally certain people bring us scrape. Now with prices so high, people are doing it for the extra money, I guess," Wilson said.