Investigation of Human Remains in Alexander County Continues

Investigation of Human Remains in Alexander County Continues
By: Ryan Tate
Illinois State Police investigators hope to find answers from the state crime lab, in the case of missing bones found in Alexander County. Crews spent Wednesday trying to gather as much information and evidence they could at the scene. Few details are being released at this time.
According to Alexander County Coroner David Barkett, the partial human remains will be examined by an anthropologist in Springfield, Illinois. The case remains under investigation, but Barkett says results from the crime lab might be available as soon as two weeks, or as long as two months. Barkett would make no other comments about the remains.
Heartland News contacted the owners of the land where the bones were found, and they said they were unaware of an investigation ongoing on their property. They were also unaware that the remains were found by hunters, who apparently were trespassing.
They made no other comment about the investigation.