Farmington's New Community Supervision Center

Farmington's New Community Supervision Center
By: Holly Brantley

FARMINGTON, MO --Farmington is now home to a facility that offers a new way of dealing with lawbreakers.
The Community Supervision Center will help about thirty offenders get back on their feet, and at the same time the center will help make the rest of us safer.
The Community Supervision Center hopes to help offenders get structured, short term, help before completely regaining their freedom.
Department of Corrections Director, Larry Crawford, says the center also has public safety in mind by putting inmates through rehabilitation and keeping them out of prison. That means there will be more room in prisons to keep the most dangerous criminals locked up.
“The people that are out on probation with the lower level crimes needed some help being successful in the community or else they were going to take up bed space,” said Crawford.
The center is right next to the Sheriff’s Department and just across the street from the Farmington Correctional Center.
The Community Supervision Center is the first of its kind in Missouri. But, it won’t be the only one. There are plans to build a total of sever centers like the one in Farmington across the state.
“We are placing these where offenders actually are in rural areas,” Crawford said. “This is a fairly small facility, but it serves the area that’s here.”