Oran Police Chief Gets Added Help

Oran Police Chief Gets Added Help
By: Ryan Tate

ORAN, MO --Oran Police Chief Marc Tragesser has some added help coming later this week. Tragesser says a new, full-time officer is headed to Oran, increasing the manpower of the force to three.
Chief Tragesser says the officer will be paid for with a grant and a cut in the Chief's pay. That officer will give the department the chance to patrol more at night, and not rely on help from the Scott County Sheriff's Department or the Missouri Highway Patrol.
Since Tragesser started back in July, his department has written about twenty tickets a month. That is a lot more that the previous Oran Chief wrote per month. But Tragesser says he plans to continue writing tickets, to make sure people and business owners feel safe in town.
"I believe things have gotten better in the community," Chief Tragesser said. "People are more supportive and they understand there is law in Oran."
Tragesser says the grant is for one year, and pays for 35% of the officer's salary.