Nair Roll-On Hair Remover

Jina Long doesn't wear short shorts, but she does show a little leg during the summer. And that means a lot of leg shaving. Unless a new Nair product works.

"Just rub it on, leave it for four minutes, and wipe it off," Jina reads the directions. It promises to be quick-n-easy, a four-minute formula. "Spread evenly, do not rub," she continues. But it's tricky to get it spread evenly, because when you squeeze the bottle globs of it gush out. And it's not real specific about how much to put on.

At least Nair doesn't stink. "Well, you can't really smell it unless you squeeze the bottle, and the aroma comes up," says Jina. "You really don't smell it when it's just sitting on your leg."

But how does it feel on your skin? "It feels like soap," Jina adds. "It's not burning or tingling or anything."

Four minutes pass and it's time to see how well Nair performs."Do not rub or use soap," Jina reads.

"It looks like it worked!" she exclaims after wiping Nair off her leg. "You can see right here (next to where I put the lotion) more stubble, and not much where I had Nair," Jina explains. She tries Nair again, on the remaining stubble, to see if it's consistent. "This says it has baby oil in it, so that will probably make it smooth," she adds.

Nair works on stubble, or longer hair. But you can't use it on your face or bikini line. The second test spot turns out smooth, too. "It took it off!" says Jina. "There's some of it still there, but most of it is gone. I might have missed that, too, when I put it on. There's definitely not any stubble where I put the lotion."

At least not enough to make Jina shave on top of using Nair. Nair kept Jina's legs smooth about as long as if she'd used a razor. Not as long as she hoped, considering it takes longer than shaving. But it did smooth over a hairy situation.

Nair did work... not perfectly, but well enough to pass. The new Nair 4-minute formula earns a B+.