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Brian's Weather Summary

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Eclipse Day dawned mostly clear and humid.  Forecast for today hasn't changed a whole lot in recent days.....we're dealing with some pretty impressive heat/humidity issues...with dew points likely to be in the mid 70s and temps by mid-day somewhere in the mid to upper 80s.   Air temps will likely dip a bit during the actual eclipse itself, but we're still forecasting official highs near 90 (or above) and peak heat index numbers near 100 or above.  Eventually some cumulus will develop....and could blossom into isolated T'storms but hopefully most of those will be after the eclipse is winding down.  There is also a threat of some cirrus blow-off from the plains to our west.  Bottom line-  heat/humidity and clouds will likely be an issue for some today but hopefully not a total cloud-out.

Beyond today, big changes ahead as a strong pattern shift sends a cold front through west to east late Tuesday.  SPC has us in low to slight risk of severe for tomorrow...with strong wind gusts being the biggest threat.  Behind this front another period of unusually mild, non-humid weather is likely for several days starting Wednesday and lasting through the upcoming weekend.   Lows look to be in the mid 50s to low 60s......with highs of about 80 to 85 or so.....a little taste of early fall!  :)

8/21  9:00 a.m. 

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