Elderly Woman Sexually Assaulted

Elderly Woman Sexually Assaulted
By: Arnold Wyrick

MOUNDS, IL --It was early Saturday morning when the 911 call came into the Mounds Police Department. On the other end of the line a 78-year old woman calling out for help after being attacked in her home.
"The call came in around 5 o'clock. When we arrived we found that somebody had broken in on this elderly lady and sexually assaulted her," says Chief Lloyd Bosecker.
The man who attacked the woman is described as a black male in his late 20's to early 30's.
"We've got a few people in mind but no solid leads at this point. We have DNA evidence, but we don't have anything to compare it too. We have fingerprints, but we need to find somebody or some suspect to compare these fingerprints and DNA too," Chief Bosecker said.
The intruder kicked in the woman's front door, and stole her purse with her checkbook, and credit cards inside. But police say he should have some injuries.
"The suspect ought to have some cuts and scraps on him because she fought back pretty good. She broke off several fingernails in the process. So he should have scratches all over his face and arms," Chief Bosecker said.
On Monday the woman and her son were trying to put her house back in order, and placing new locks on the doors. Meanwhile the community leaders are asking everyone to be on the alert. And Councilman Ken Hardy says he knew the victim very well.
"She always helped out down at the community center fixing plates for seniors, and cleaning up. She's just a companion to all of the seniors in town. And she's a real asset to the place. It's just a travesty that this happened here. I said it during my campaign for councilman that we need neighborhood watch groups. Now I'm going to push the city council on this issue in light of this attack," Heady said.
Meanwhile the Mounds Police Department is asking for your help in tracking down who brutally attacked this elderly woman in her home on November 26th. If you have any information please contact the Mounds Police Department at (618) 745-9426.