Safe Harbor No Kill Animal Sanctuary

Safe Harbor No Kill Animal Sanctuary
By: Holly Brantley

JACKSON, MO --If you have a pet, you know how nice it is to spend chilly winter nights with your furry friend curled up beside you.  But, if you aren’t a pet owner or want another pet to join the family, folks at one of the area’s newest animal shelters have just the one for you.

Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary is a no kill shelter with two objectives: To provide a refuge for homeless pets and to eventually place those animals in loving permanent homes.
Aniamls are drawn to Alice Wybert and for good reason, in addition to taking care of more than 70 felines who live at Safe Harbor, Alice is a hospice nurse. She has a true calling for man and beast in need.
Alice and the board of directors at Safe Harbor provide rescues, adoptions, and TLC to animals that seek shelter.
“They bring them they call...can you take them? You know, we're moving…I found this cat. A lot of them are foundlings,” said Alice.
Local vets make it possible to care properly for every animal. The expense and time required is not small undertaking. But, neither is Alice’s commitment.
“We will keep them forever,” said Alice. “They’re not going to be euthanized unless they are in pain and suffering. We haven’t had that happen yet.”
Safe Harbor is a no kill shelter. Adoptions, donations, and volunteers are key to survival.
Alice says there are many advantages to adopting a pet from Safe Harbor. Every cat of age is spayed or neutered and all have their basic shots. Another bonus? These cats are used to being around animals and people.
Right now, Safe Harbor takes in as many cats and kittens as the shelter can manage. Eventually they hope to accept dogs as well. It’s a feline paradise. The only thing better would be a home and family to call their own.

To Volunteer or adopt call: 573-243-9823
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Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary
359 Cree Lane
Jackson, MO 63755