Charities Having Trouble Helping Those in Need

Charities Having Trouble Helping Those in Need
By: Ryan Tate
Some charity organizations in the Heartland are finding people are donating less money and items this year compared to last year. According to Salvation Army Major Michael Thomas in Cape Girardeau, so far, it has been a difficult year.
"For every family that comes in,we can only help one, and that becomes tough," Major Thomas said. One of those people is Josephine Wiley of St. Louis. She came down to the Heartland to live with her sister. But after the two of them got into an argument, Josephine found herself on the street, along with her three daughters. She came to the Salvation Army looking for help. For two nights, she and her daughters stayed in a hotel room and got meals from the Salvation Army.
"It was the only place that could help," Wiley said. "Without them I don't know where we would go."
But other people are not getting the help they hoped for. Jamie Gillette and his fiance live her daughter in Perryville. They have stayed there for the last three months, since he lost his job. But his fiance's daughter and her family are moving, and that leaves them without a home. Gillette expects they will be living in his car the next few days. He tells Heartland News he has tried to get help from charity organizations, but with no luck.
"The organizations don't have the funds, and I was surprised because a lot of people need help," Gillette said.