Nad's No Heat Hair-Removal Gel

A new gel product called Nad's claims to be an easy alternative to using hot wax to remove hair. No heat. No muss. No fuss. That's in big, bold letters on the Nad's box. Nad's comes ready to use, no heating required. It says you can say goodbye to irritating, smelly creams and bleaches.

Before applying the gel, you wash with a special soap to remove all skin oil. This helps Nad's grasp each hair shaft better, and yank it out by the roots. By removing roots and all, Nad's says your hair will not grow as quickly.

"Oh, this is very thick," describes Carla Harold as she opens the gel jar for the first time."It does not spread on very easily." You're supposed to stroke Nad's on in the direction of hair growth. And your hair needs to be at least 1/8 of an inch long, which turns a lot of women off!

"It actually says for eyebrows, legs, bikini area," says Carla as she puts the sticky stuff on her calf. "I don't think so! Ha!"

Carla refers to directions again, to make sure she does it right. "Apply the cloth strip to your skin. Firmly smooth over the strip two to three times applying pressure with the palm of your hand. Hold skin tight with one hand. Pull strip in opposite direction of hair growth."

"I don't know if I want to do this, guys!"she says as she rips the cloth strip against the hair growth."Owww, owww, oww! It hurts like crazy! Ow. I don't know what hurt worse, removing the hair or the gel. Oh, no. There's still hair there!"

Quite a bit of hair is left. Actually, Nad's hardly removed a third of her hair.

"If your hair is not removed entirely, it may be due to scaly dry skin," Carla reads. "Try using a body exfoliate or loofah sponge several hours before using Nad's. But I didn't' have scaly, dry skin. I 've been moisturizing."

Carla reluctantly tries Nad's again. And it hurts! "You can see hair on the strip," Carla says. "But there's enough left that I'd have to go back and do it again and again. I think I'd shave because it's faster."

"It's sore. It really does hurt," Carla continues. "And I am actually seeing some red. There are big red bumps all over my let. It looks worse than the hair did earlier! Ha!"

Carla says the only positive thing about Nad's is that it doesn't stink. "But it's way too thick and messy and gooey. And spreading it on was very, very hard. The rags are a mess. And while you can wash them, I'm not sure I'd really want to."

We've seen enough. Nad's doesn't pull your hair out -- it just makes you want to! This $26 product flunks out. An 'F' for Nad's.